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If you're a fan of The King then make sure you check out Elvis Mobile. View full description


  • Neat user interface
  • Quickly report Elvis sightings
  • Access to podcasts
  • Gracelands Livecam


  • No music available


If you're a fan of The King then make sure you check out Elvis Mobile.

This iPhone app, from the developer of Elvis.com, is a haven of news and information about Elvis, allowing you to feed your passion for the wobbly-hipped burger fan anywhere you go. The application can be browsed using a neat sliding navigation panel at the bottom of the interface. There are tabs linking to categories for 'Home', 'Images', 'News', 'Livecam', 'Sightings', 'Podcast', and 'Video'.

The first two of these categories are somewhat disappointing - 'Home' does nothing more than display the Elvis Mobile logo and invite you to join Facebook Connect; and 'Images' contains a measly five full-screen photos of The King.

The 'News' button gives you one-click access to the Elvis.com site, via a series of easy-to-read headlines. Once you've clicked to read the story, the browser will open and you'll be able to view the full site directly in Elvis Mobile.

The final four options in Elvis Mobile are by far the most interesting. 'Livecam' gives you regular webcam updates from Graceland; 'Podcast', offers free access to all the latest podcasts from Elvis Radio; and 'Video' contains some interesting exclusive content of the singer in his prime.

My favorite thing about Elvis Mobile has got to be the 'Sightings' feature. If you spot Elvis out and about you can use this to send a report of the sighting to Elvis.com who may then publish it online. There's even a button that lets you take a picture of him and attach it to your sighting report.

Elvis Mobile is a well-presented app and is sure to please any fan. It's a shame you can't listen to The King's back catalog on it though.


  • Bug fixes

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Elvis Mobile


Elvis Mobile 1.4

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